Azealia Banks Just Reignited The Beef Between Nicki Minaj And Safaree Samuels

Banks had some interesting things to say about how Nicki's ex performs in the studio.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Azealia Banks may have inadvertently cleared up the ghostwriting rumors that have plagued Nicki Minaj for years now.

After Minaj and her ex Safaree Samuels parted ways years ago, rumors began to swirl that Samuels was actually the one responsible for writing Minaj's best material. The two have thrown continuous shade at each other over the years, with Safaree at one point even threatening to sue Nicki for not paying him for his contributions to her work, and the beef remains largely unresolved.

So where does Azealia come in? In a recent interview with XXL, Banks talked about her experience working on new music with Samuels and implied that his lyrical skills aren't exactly up to par.

"I have a song that I did with Safaree Samuels," Azealia said. "Actually, it kind of came out of nowhere. I guess people are like, "Oh, that's rivalry," because it's Safaree, but honestly it's just industry sh*t."

"I assumed that he played a part in [some of] Nicki Minaj's hot singles, so I was like, 'Sh*t, we should definitely go to the studio together,'" she continued. "But it actually turned out [to be] me writing for him. So Safaree and I put this song together and I wrote a bunch of his part and it's really f*ckin' hot."

Banks actually used her session with Samuels to take a shot at Nicki on Twitter last year, writing, "Don't start throwing shade cause you miss Safaree and know that I've actually made a BANGER with him."

But that was way back in December. This time around, Banks didn't really take any shots at Nicki, and to make things even more interesting, Nicki liked a tweet about Azealia's recent revelation about Safaree's writing skills. 

It seems like Safaree fired back in a few subtweets of his own, writing, "After all this time mentally you still do alot of things that show youre still bothered by me. It's about to be 4yrs let it go. Im over it."

Do you think he's talking about Nicki? Check out his subtweets — one of which even references Nicki's iconic "Prague" video — below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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