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Azealia Banks Left A Transphobic Comment On Picture Of Zayn Malik

Someone take her phone away.

Girl. GIRL. GIRL! Azealia Banks can not put down her phone for one godd*mn second. Upon seeing a picture of Zayn Malik posted on the Instagram account Baller Alert, Banks felt compelled to spew her nastiness all over the comments section, this time with a particularly transphobic flavor. This is old hat for Banks, who ONTD writes is now "more famous for her bigoted remarks than her music." GIRL!!!

Here's the original Insta post:


ONTD preserved a screenshot of the comment for posterity:

This is hardly a first for Azealia, who, despite her largely LGBT fanbase, doesn't exactly have the best reputation by way of LGBTs. Banks has also publicly feuded with Malik before, leading to a rare apology from the rapper. Clearly the nefarious sea witch hasn't learned her lesson. What good could she possibly expect to come from this?

A piece of wisdom, from us to you, Miss Banks:


It would do Banks well to just stop caring about Zayn Malik at all, like the rest of us have already done.

[Photos: Getty Images, Gif: gif-the-world.tumblr.com] 


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