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'Bad Girls Club' Alum Camilla Seriously Blasted Her NFL Baby Daddy On Instagram

She is not here for him or his wife. Watch the explosive rant.

Camilla Poindexter from Bad Girls Club is not happy with her baby daddy. The reality star went off on Raiders lineman Donald Penn in a video, blasting him for trying to play her "like a stupid ass b*tch."

In the clip, Camilla pulls over in her car to tell Donald exactly how she's feeling. "Stop trying to play me like I'm out for your money...You need to keep it real with your b*tch before that sh*t come out for real, for real." In the video, she taunts Donald for "sucking and f*cking and loving" on her and then tells him to stop being a deadbeat father. "You loved me and at the end of the day, you're trying to play me."

The rant appears to have started because Donald was unhappy with what Camilla posted on social media about their daughter. TMZ shares that Camilla and Donald's relationship has been filled with drama as Camilla gave birth to a daughter while Donald was still married to his wife Dominique. Dominque reportedly called Camilla a "hood rat" attempting to extort "hush money" from Donald.

Dominique filed for divorce in November but Camilla hints that the pair reconciled. She wishes them the best— as long as Donald takes care of his daughter.

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