Barack Obama Singing This Justin Bieber Song Is Bittersweet Sorrow

Is this the last of Barack Obama's dub smashes?

By Eric Shorey

With only a few weeks left in his presidency, Barack Obama's approval rating is hovering around 57% — which is not that bad, all things considered. But after a video of Obama "singing" Justin Bieber and DJ Snake's latest jam "Let Me Love You" was posted to YouTube, it should probably be way higher.

Barack Obama, the time has come for you to lip sync ... for your life:

The YouTube account baracksdubs has been rather ubiquitous throughout the last few years of Big O's presidential reign, but only now (staring down a potential nuclear apocalypse) are we beginning to find these videos endearing rather than annoying. The site, which carefully edits clips of Obama in order to give the illusion of him singing a handful of various pop songs (ranging from Meghan Trainor's "No" to Drake's "One Dance"), may have to close down now that political tides have turned.

Barack Obama, shante (will) you stay (in the White House forever).

h/t: Teen Vogue

[Photos: Getty Images]

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