Basketballer Gilbert Arenas May Lose Custody Of Kids Over This 12-Second Video Clip

A video featuring his 8-year-old son has the former NBA star in hot water with his ex-wife.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas may be facing a custody battle with his ex soon, and it's all because of a short video he uploaded onto Instagram earlier this week.

In the now-deleted video, Gilbert's son Alijah can be seen riding on the hood of his father's Polaris Slingshot (a 3-wheel motorcycle) while he drives. Arenas' ex, Laura Govan, doesn't think there's anything funny about her 8-year-old son riding on the hood of a moving vehicle, and TMZ reports that Govan is planning to head back to court in the hopes of getting her ex husband's visitation reduced. Govan, who has primary physical custody of their four children, also hopes the judge will impose "safeguards" to prevent their children from being put into any dangerous situations while visiting their father.

Fair or foul? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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