Bette Midler Claps Back At Kim Kardashian Over Nude Selfie

Get it, Bette!

By Eric Shorey

If we had to pick our favorite aging Diva twitter account, it would quite obviously be Cher's. That being said, Ms. Bette Midler has stepped her game up in the past month, attacking everything from Oscars racism to Trump Univeristy.

The bawdy queen's latest target? Kim Kardashian!

When Mrs. West posted her internet-breaking (we still using that term? OK, cool) nude selfie, Midler struck while the iron was hot:

Response to the tweet was divisive: some claimed Midler was slutshaming Kim, while others lauded the songstress for her cultural astuteness. Meanwhile, Kim herself was not having it:


Yeah, girl! Pop off!

Bette's response was quick, pithy, and scathing:


No response yet from Kim, but we eagerly await a slight over-reaction and/or oddly witty retort in the near future.

In the mean time, cleanse your palette with these recent Cher tweets:

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