Beyonce And Kim Kardashian Hung Out And It Wasn't As Awkward As You'd Expect

The two women bumped into each other at Serena's wedding for the first time since Jay Z and Kanye West started feuding.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is there bad blood between Kim Kardashian and Beyonce?

Fans have long suspected that the two don't really get along, mostly because Kim and Beyonce never really seemed to hang out, despite the fact that their husbands Kanye West and Jay Z were basically best friends for years before having a falling out earlier this year.

Are the two A-listers actually beefing though? Beyonce and Kim both attended the fairytale wedding of Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in New Orleans on Thursday, with TMZ reporting that, even though Beyonce and Kim's husbands are currently at odds, the two women were nothing but friendly with each other.

According to TMZ's sources, Kim and Beyonce "exchanged hellos, hugged, and showed off some pics of their kids in the VIP section." Meanwhile, E! News reports that they spent some time at the VIP bar together, "ordering a glass of champagne before celebrating the bride." And as for Kanye and Jay? Neither men were in attendance, but sources reported earlier this year that they're close to resolving their feud.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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