Beyonce And Rihanna Fans Are Going At It On Social Media, But Is Riri To Blame?

The Beyhive and Rihanna Navy are having World War 3 on Twitter, and it's all because of a tweet Rihanna favorited and then unfavorited.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

As is the case with most social media wars, it all started with a tweet.
TheGrio reports that the starting shot was fired when Rihanna favorited, and then unfavorited, a tweet that threw some pretty obvious shade at Beyonce. "The fact that 'Desperado' is HIGHER on the Bubbling under chart than a single performed to a global audience," read the tweet, which included a pic of a depressed-looking Jay Z.
She may have unfavorited it, but not before the Beyhive noticed, and they wasted no time going to war.


The Rihanna navy wasn't having it, and have been firing back non-stop.


But honestly, why can't they both be great? (Especially since the original tweet might have been photoshopped anyway. Yikes!)


Wendy Williams recently weighed in on the Beyonce versus Rihanna argument, and is firmly #TeamB.
"Rihanna is good for right now, but she's not a legend nor will she be," the talk show host said. Watch the clip in all its shady glory below.

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