Beyoncé Called Solange And Recorded Their Convo For Interview Mag

Peak spy goals.

By Aimée Lutkin

If you’ve ever dreamed of overhearing Beyoncé and Solange having a conversation, this piece for Interview Mag is probably about as close as you’re going to get. Unfortunately, there’s not much good goss. Neither one of these women is going to air their dirty laundry unless it’s set to a beat you can dance to. FORTUNATELY, Beyonce covers many grander questions as she interviews Solange, about the nature of art and being a woman and growing up with a conviction in their own voices. It’s much more inspiring than salacious, if you’re into being inspired or whatever.


My favorite question from Beyoncé to her sister was, “What are some misconceptions about being a strong woman?” These are two of the strongest women around and both are very, very much on public view. That means many people feel entitled to make pronouncements or assumptions about who they are, and they’ve both heard them all. Solange’s response is so grounded and wise. She says, “Oh my God, they're endless! [laughs] One thing that I constantly have to fight against is not feeling arrogant when I say I wrote every lyric on this album. I still have not been able to say that. That's the first time I've actually ever said it, because of the challenges that we go through when we celebrate our work and our achievements. I remember Björk saying that she felt like, no matter what stage in her career, if a man is credited on something that she's done, he's going to get the credit for it. And, unfortunately, that still rings true. It's something I've learned so much about from you, getting to be in control of your own narrative. And, at this point, it should be an expectation, not something that you're asking permission for.”


She adds that she is getting better and better at doing that, then says, “I really appreciate you and mom being examples of that, being able to speak about our achievements, these things that deserve to be celebrated, without feeling bashful about it.”

The whole interview is worth reading for it’s motivating meditations, but also for little tidbits like the fact that the show that makes Solange laugh the most is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Beyoncé responds to that with, “Really?! I didn't know that,” and Solange tells her she watches it religiously. Your family can still surprise you with their love of reality television.

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