Beyonce Made A Surprise Visit To USC And The Entire Campus Freaked Out

 Can you even blame them, though?

Students at the University of Southern California found themselves unexpectedly in the presence of greatness when music icon/actual goddess Beyonce showed up on campus on Monday. Reportedly, she was there rehearsing for her upcoming Super Bowl performance and was trying to keep a low profile. That didn't work out though, because duh - she's Beyonce.

It wasn't long before word got out that the Queen Bee herself was in their midst, and everyone within a five mile radius promptly lost their minds. Social media was flooded with pics and videos of Bey leaving the school's athletic center.

Can you imagine what it would be like to head to your school's gym and see Beyonce at the water fountain or something? At what point do you stop thinking you're hallucinating and just accept that you've been unexpectedly blessed? Those kids just had the best day ever. Beyonce, maybe not so much. 

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