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Beyonce's Dad Gets Candid About Her One Weakness

What do you mean Beyonce has a weakness??

No one can be good at everything — not even Beyonce.

Her father — and former manager — Matthew Knowles recently spoke at Howard University and explained to a young group of students how important it is for him as a manager to know and understand the strengths and weaknesses of his clients.

"Everybody thinks that they're the greatest and they should. We as label executives, we have to know the limitations of the artists. I can tell you all my artists, the limitations," Knowles said.

He went on to use his famous daughters Solange and Beyonce as examples, saying, "See, I would never have Beyonce up here public speaking. She's not good at it. Solange was just at Yale. She's incredible at it. But I know all of my artists' weaknesses. They all have weaknesses."

Even Beyonce, apparently. Check out Matthew's explanation below.

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