Beyonce's Hairstylist Defends Her Natural Hair (Video)

"Black women have some of the most beautiful, curly hair."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The internet may be full of haters, but Beyonce's hairstylist has her back.

Neal Farinah is the artist who created the flawless half-up, half-down style Beyonce rocked at the Sports Illustrated Awards last week, later revealing on his Instagram page that the slayage we saw was Bey's natural hair. Unsurprisingly, the news that we'd all seen Beyonce's natural hair without realizing it led to the widespread loss of edges everywhere.

SLAY ME THAT NATURAL CURLY HAIR @beyonce #hairstylist #nealfarinahsaloninc #nealfarinahsalon #nealfarinahinc

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Still, this is the internet we're talking about here, so haters wasted no time crawling out of their caves to give their Twitter fingers a workout, claiming that there's no way Beyonce's real hair could be so full and voluminous. It takes a ton of racist assumptions about someone to make such a claim, and Farinah was not having it; according to BET, he defended Beyonce, and black women in general, in an Instagram video.

"Sometimes women make choices, and black women are not the only ones who wear wigs and weaves and pieces. Remember that," he said. "And underneath wigs and weaves? Black women have some of the most beautiful, curly hair. It's a choice a woman makes — and that's the choice a black woman [makes] to wear wigs or weaves, if she wants to. Ain't nothing wrong with it."

"So, the myth about Black women not having hair? Y'all think again, 'cause they have some of the most beautiful, textured hair. Recognize," he added.

Preach it! It's not like Beyonce has been losing any sleep over anyone's else saltiness, though; she recently floored her 109 million Instagram followers by showing off her airplane outfit of short shorts, thigh-high boots, and the longest belt known to man.

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