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Beyonce's Instagram Posts Are Worth An Insane Amount Of Money

Another W for Queen Bey.

Breaking news: Beyonce continues to win at life.

Besides all the obvious reasons (beauty, talent, fame, whatever), Beyonce's Instagram posts are worth more money and have more of an impact than most of us commoners can ever dream of reaching, US Weekly reports.

According to a new study courtesy of D'Marie Analytics, Bey's Instagram posts alone are worth one million dollars. Each. That's more than any other celebrity, which is even more impressive when you consider that Bey isn't even the most-followed celeb on Insta. (That title belongs to Selena Gomez, in case you were wondering.)

Let that sink in for a minute. One million dollars. D'Marie Analytics arrived at that number after considering factors like number of followers, post reach, and click rate. Rihanna, queen of the clapback, held the title last year, while Selena came in second place this year.

It makes sense, though; Bey's Instagram posts are top-notch. Need evidence? Just check out the anniversary video she posted just the other day. If that doesn't make you wish you were in love then you're watching it wrong. #SorryButNotReally

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