Bia’s 6 Favorite Summer Kicks

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

All a girl needs is a good pair of shoes, and she can do anything! Bia is the resident sneakerhead of Sisterhood of Hip Hop and whether she’s in the studio or hanging with her crew, the rapper always has a fresh pair of kicks on deck. Bia used to be a sneaker collector but now just rocks styles that she’s into. Having a close relationship with fellow shoe buff and designer Pharrell Williams doesn’t hurt either. “I have a lot that I’ve acquired over time,” Bia shares. She doesn’t know exactly how many pairs line her closet but she’s very generous in sharing the shoe love—she gives her little sister all of her hand-me-downs. “I let my little sister have everything,” she says. “I’ll wear something for like a month straight and then be like, ‘Here you can have them.’” So what’s on Bia’s feet right now? The footwear addict gives us her current rotation.

1. adidas Supercolor by Pharrell: Bia’s favorite sneakers come courtesy of her mentor—the very stylish Pharrell Williams. When he’s not laying tracks for Bia, the super-producer is using his creative prowess to design dope and colorful kicks. Inspired by the classic ‘70s silhouette, the Supercolors are available in every color of the rainbow. Pharrell released an array of 50 brightly-colored hues earlier this year. “I love the red ones. Those are my go-tos,” says Bia.

How She Rocks Them: “I wear those literally everywhere! I wear them with dressy clothes. I wear them with streetwear clothes. I wear them with nothing that’s red, all black. Solid red—all the colors are really dope—I like the red and the military green ones a lot."

2. Timberland Bee Line Collaboration Boots: “The ambitious love child of a wing tip and construction boot,” is how Pharrell describes this buzzworthy shoe. The shoes come in tan and green but Bia’s copped the green because “you know green’s my color.” Timbs have been around in hip-hop culture for eons but have recently enjoyed a mainstream resurgence, with celebrities like Cara Delevigne and Khloe Kardashian rocking the functional boot. But Bia’s been a day-one fan. “I grew up between Boston and New York. There used to be a store in Manhattan called V.I.M and my dad used to give me money all the time only to get Timbs,” she remembers. “It’s a big part of East Coast culture.”

How She Rocks Them: “If you want to keep it simple, wear a pair of jeans with Timbs and an oversized jacket,” Bia says. “Keep it simple and it’ll always look clean and simple and fresh.” For the more daring fashionistas, Bia says that pretty much anything goes. “I see girls wear shorts with Timbs and crop tops. They used to clown people who do that but now, you can make them look really fly. It’s all up to the person.”

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Plated-Strap Double Zip Sneakers

How She Rocks Them: “I’m pretty simple with it. Sometimes I wear them with all white and the gold buckle is such a statement piece. So fancy on the shoe. How do you have a gold buckle on the back? It looks great. I wear them with everything. I wear them with sweats. I wear them with jeans.”

4. Jeffrey Campbell Strappy Knee-High Heels: Bia’s style is usually comfy and cool but when she dresses up, she loves heels too. “I’ll throw a pair of heels into this,” she laughs, about her list. Her fourth favorite kicks aren’t really kicks but a pair of Jeffrey Campbell knee-high heels. “They’re so dope. I forget the name of them but they’re really great. I’ve been wearing them a lot.” 

How She Rocks Them: A good shoe can really make the outfit. “That’s like when you’re going out,” says Bia. “Sometimes you can do a little black dress and a killer shoe and it changes the whole outfit.”

5. Del Toro Cheetah Ponyhair Chukka: When she’s on the prowl or wants to bring a wild flair to her look, Bia reaches for her Del Toro chukka sneakers. The combination of cheetah print and red accents make for a definite statement piece. “They have really dope red leather accents on them and bright-white soles. Very flashy,” she explains. “You can wear them on the casual side or [not].”

How She Rocks Them: The cheetah shoes have pounced on Sisterhood of Hip Hop so keep an eye out for them. “I actually wore them on the show with all-white and it just looked so crazy.”

Honorable Mention: adidas Yeezy Boost: Sneakerheads have gone crazy for Kanye West's new Yeezy Boosts and Bia is no exception. She doesn’t technically own a pair of the limited-edition shoes—they’re totally sold out—but they’re on her kicks wish list. “I love the color!” she says of the grey colorwave. The shoes have premium leather and mesh for a luxurious look. “Oh my god! I’m so into neutrals and tans right now.”

How (Would) She Rock Them: So how would Bia rock the Yeezys when she snags her own pair? She has big plans.“I would definitely wear them with Kanye’s new adidas collab line. Some nice pants? Ooh. Some nice, military green. Throw on a camo jacket or something. I’d just be fly with it.”

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