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Big Boi Outraged The Internets With This Anti-Black Woman Meme

...And, of course, he proceeded to get dragged.

Big Boi is a beloved member of the duo OutKast, but his Twitter mentions weren't so loving this weekend. In a classic case of "your silence implies your consent," Big Boi posted a meme that caused a hellish Twitter backlash for the Southernplayalistic rapper.

In a rather misogynistic move, he took to his Twitter to post two pics side by side: one of mother/daughter Florida and Thelma from Good Times, and another pic of a black woman dressed in a bathing suit posing for a camera in front of her child. The caption is what set everyone off: "Mothers In The 70s" versus "Mothers Now... And we act like we don't know what's wrong with these kids," it reads. See below.


It's no question that the meme is misogynistic, and anti-black woman -- not to mention completely untrue. And plenty of people didn't hesitate to let it be known:


But  the most moving responses came from Feminista Jones. A womanist, feminist, and activist, her responses combatted the meme with real examples of black mothers slaying as parental figures and career-driven women, all while looking great as ever!


And there's much more where that came from!

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