Big Men Launch Body Positive Hashtag #BigGuyTwitter

Feast your eyes on big guys

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Body positive hashtags aren't just for women anymore. The big and tall guys of Twitter have united to form their own body-loving hashtag #BigGuyTwitter.

According to Ebony, big guy Mike Byrd started the trend this week. Soon enough, fellow big guys (6'0 tall and up) began joining in.


While many guys posted photos or selfies, others used the opportunity to show off their personality and single status. There's @KingPanther who describes himself as, 6'0, 200 pounds and a "Future Fortune 500 company man" or @AshMoneyRecords who shares that he wears a size 14 shoe and "Will eat all the food in your house."


As you might expect, many women and men are enjoying the eye candy found in the hashtag. "Never knew I need a big guy until now. God has opened my eyes. Thank you ," shares one woman. "I'm still scrolling through , and thanking the heavens for blessing me with one," says another. Amen.

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