Bill Cosby's Legal Team Claim He's A Victim Of Racial Bias

They say the case against Cosby builds on biases "that can pollute the court of public opinion."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Bill Cosby will be standing trial for the alleged drugging and rape of Andrea Constand next summer. The 79-year-old actor/comedian claims that their 2004 encounter was consensual, and his legal team has recently begun claiming that racial bias is playing a key role in the case being brought against him, NBC News reports.

"The time has come to shine a spotlight on the trampling of Mr. Cosby's civil rights," Cosby's attorneys wrote in a statement, and went on to call out Gloria Allred, the attorney representing a number of Cosby's alleged victims, specifically. "[She] apparently loves the media spotlight more than she cares about justice. She calls herself a civil rights attorney, but her campaign against Mr. Cosby builds on racial bias and prejudice that can pollute the court of public opinion. And when the media repeats her accusations - with no evidence, no trial and no jury - we are moved backwards as a country and away from the America that our civil rights leaders sacrificed so much to create."

Allred quickly fired back in another statement, dismissing their claims.

"He complains about racial bias, but what about the African-American women whom I represent who accuse him of sexual assault or rape and who refuse to remain silent about what they say they have suffered?" she responded. "I think they deserve a voice and I am proud to represent them. This is not an issue of racial bias. Instead, it is an issue of whether or not Mr. Cosby has committed acts of gender sexual violence."

The Cosby drama continues.

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