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Birth Control For Men Has Too Many Side Effects, Apparently

Apparently, men shouldn't handle the side effects that women have been dealing with for decades.

Male birth control is quickly becoming a reality. The breakthrough invention of a contraceptive shot for men has been found effective by researchers. According to CBSdoctors in Switzerland have found that the injections use hormones to reduce sperm count. Of 266 men who participated in a trial, only four became fathers.

This is huge news, but it's going to be awhile before the shots are readily available. Some doctors are still concerned that the shots will not be profitable and are less effective than female contraception. “Their concern may be there’s a lack of profitability, maybe there is a question of gender bias,” said CBS medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula. “There’s a concern of regulatory hurdles. In addition, it’s not as easy to stop 1,500 sperm that are produced per second as opposed to one egg per month.”

Then there are the side effects. Researchers had to stop the study early due to depression and mood swings. Other side effects include acne, injection site pain and increased libido. Are you kidding us? Any woman who has taken contraception (or experienced the horrors of PMS) has experienced these "side effects."

Toughen up, guys.

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