Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Are Really Broken Up This Time

For real, tho.

By Aimée Lutkin

What we have long suspected has reportedly been confirmed by an anonymous source. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are Rob & Chyna no more. There have been a lot of signs of this before, for example, the many other times they've broken up. Things were not happy in this home, what with Chyna flirting with other guys online while Rob sits at home like a weird hermit. And the Kardashian family isn’t exactly supportive of these two as a couple.

Also, Blac Chyna’s been seen out with another man, her social media has no mention of Rob, though there are plenty of thirst trap photo shoots on Instagram. Maybe you don’t even need to read this, but US Magazine reports that the source says they’re officially split, and everyone is moving on.

“Rob thinks it's the right decision," they said, "Chyna has disappeared for days at a time without communicating or providing any updates. This won't end well. [It's the same] with her yelling and screaming about how his family doesn’t like or support her, and his insecurities.”

It is messed up to bail on your partner without a word, but Chyna isn’t wrong about the other stuff.  US also named the mystery man Chyna was seen with last week. Jamel Davenport is apparently just a friend of Chyna's, not a new lover, which was almost as obvious as her breakup with Rob, considering her “date outfit.” No one wears sweats when they’re meeting a new love.

So, yeah, it's official. Just not Instagram Official.

[Photo: Getty]

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