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Blac Chyna Calls Tyga "Kinda Cheap," But Can You Blame Her?

Just in case you're wondering how much Chyna made to be in the "Rack City" video? Not very much.

Shots fired? In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Blac Chyna spoke about her ex and co-parent Tyga, and he might not like what she had to say.

In the interview, Chyna describes how she and Tyga first met when he came to see her while she was working at the famed King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. He then pursued her for months.

"He wanted me to go on tour with him and Chris Brown," Chyna said. "I'm like 'No, I'm not going on tour. I don't know what type of game you think this is.'"

Chyna explained that she didn't begin dating Tyga until after he cast her in his video for "Rack City" - even though he only paid her $2,500.

"I should've gotten more. He's kinda cheap," Chyna said, in a way the interviewer described as "only half-jokingly."

Still, they started going out soon after, and that's how she met - and later became BFFs with - Kim Kardashian, and I think we all know what a tangled mess everything became after that point.

Furthermore, it's safe to say that calling him 'cheap' is an understatement... Have you seen his growing list of bills and lawsuits lately?

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