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Blac Chyna Is Being Cryptically Vague About Her Feelings For Rob Kardashian

Careful what you post!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna seem like they’re in a good place. They’re living together, along with their baby Dream Kardashian, in Kylie Jenner’s house. It’s a bit weird to live in the home of your ex’s girlfriend, but everything this family does is a little weird. For them, this is settled. So it makes sense that Chyna is trying to kick the social media hornet’s nest to get some gossip going. In a way, it’s her job to keep people engaged with her drama, but what do you do when there is none? You Vaguebook.

In an Instagram post, Chyna shared a screenshot of her notes with a message. It says, “I have some things I want to get off my chest about how I truly feel about Rob …”


Okay What are they?! Are they bad or are they good? It’s really hard to tell but now we’re all worked up and wondering!

A Snapchat investigation shows that Rob recently threw a giant stack of 100 dollar bills in her face, and it ended with them making out in a pile of money, so things are probably going good.


She also previously posted a collage of pics with him, captioning it, “I love this man.”


If Chyna does reveal her “true feelings” and they’re bad, I’d be pretty surprised. But it’s her surprises that keep us coming back.

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