Blac Chyna Makes Moves To Put Some 'Respeck' On Her Name, Legally

Blac Chyna doesn't want anyone else cashing in on what she built.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Blac Chyna is all about thinking ahead. The future Mrs. Kardashian wants to make sure no one but her can make money using her name, so she's filed a trademark application to make sure of it.

According to TMZ, the application was filed last month, and - if granted - will prevent anyone from promoting events, products, or anything else using her brand name without permission.

According to TMZ's source, Chyna's chief concern is another woman using the name "Blac Chyna" to cash in on her popularity. Chyna's attorney, Walter Mosley, told TMZ that Chyna is getting more film, TV, and endorsement offers than ever before, and trademarking her name will protect her from any future foolishness.

This is just the kind of business savvy we expect from a (future) Kardashian.

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