Blac Chyna Reportedly Makes More Money Than Rob Kardashian

Way more, apparently.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

All those people who accused Blac Chyna of using Rob Kardashian for money are probably eating their words right about now.

Chyna and Rob are currently hashing out the details of the custody arrangements regarding their daughter Dream. According to TMZ, Chyna was actually the breadwinner in their family, and she still pulls in more money than Rob (from club appearances and the like), who reportedly doesn't make much on his own outside of his Keeping Up With The Kardashians paycheck.

TMZ's sources report that neither party has requested child support, though Rob would be the one more likely to ask, due to making less money than Chyna and because he has Dream more often than her. That's not on the table right now though, and the exes are reportedly close to reaching a settlement, so it's unlikely to come up at this point.

As for the future, both parties are focusing on maintaining a healthy co-parenting environment for Dream. Rob is reportedly getting counseling to better himself, while Chyna says she's focused on moving on from all the drama.

"I'm not going to take something that happened to me in the past into my future," she told People last month. "First and foremost, I'm going to make myself happy because once I'm happy, then Dream can be happy and then King can be happy and then everybody else around me can be happy."

[Photo: Getty Images]

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