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Blac Chyna Says Her “Future” Tattoo Is Fake…But Do You Believe It?

It’s a Sharpie scandal.

What happens when you get your man’s name tattooed on your hand but then he doesn’t claim you? Tell everyone it was just Sharpie. When Blac Chyna revealed her “Future” tattoo it seemed that she was making it official with the rapper--that is, until he very publicly tweeted, “Single & focusing on what makes me happy.” 

Since then, Chyna has gone on out of her way to convince us that her tattoo was just drawn-on. On a recent Snapchat, she and friends had "Blac Chyna" written on their hands in Sharpie, and she asked fans to do the same in support of her.

Some fans did stand by Chyna:

While others circulated memes like this:

According to TMZ, the tattoo is 100% REAL and has photos of Future's tattoo artist, Steve Wiebe, inking the couple several weeks ago. Chyna was under the impression they'd been “dating exclusively for over a month” and is trying to clean up this inky mess. Poorly. 

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