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Blac Chyna Says Her Post-Baby Weight Loss Is NOT From Surgery

She don't need it!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna swore they’d lose weight as soon as Dream Kardashian was born, and though they’re both committed, Chyna is definitely leaving Rob in the dust. To be fair, she’s had the experience of dropping baby weight before. She’s already lost 23 lbs of her 39 lb goal. That’s insane!


Of course, wherever there is weight loss and a celebrity there are rumors of surgery. Since showing how flat her belly looks after housing an entire human, the internet was skeptical. Blac Chyna turned on Snapchat, adorned herself with a flower crown, and got to the gossip.


In her post she says, “OK, so I posted a picture of my belly yesterday. And the only reason it got flat is from breastfeeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small before my pregnancy.”

Chyna has always had a remarkably tiny waist, and breastfeeding can be...draining. I am wondering if all this emphasis on weight loss means that Rob & Chyna will be shilling more weight loss supplements and schemes, which would make the use of surgery pretty sketchy. But if she just wants a flat tummy, it's her money, and nobody's business.

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