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Blac Chyna Says She Was Framed For Ecstasy Possession

Apparently, she has no idea how the ecstasy got into her luggage.

There's conspiracy a'brewing. Blac Chyna may have been arrested for drug possession last week, but according to her, it was all a low down, dirty set up.

Police found two pills in her sunglasses case, TMZ reports, but Chyna claims she didn't pack her own bags for her trip across the pond. Her assistants usually pack her things for her, but when they weren't available, someone else did the job. Currently, this mystery packer remains unidentified, but sources say that Chyna has been implying they're responsible for the drugs, not her. In fact, Chyna wouldn't even know how to get ecstasy in pill form if she wanted to.

I'd hate to be whoever it is that Chyna suspects of setting her up. She's not one to take any crap; just look at her response to internet haters who made the mistake of coming for Rob.

"I'm about to tell y'all something," Chyna said in another video. "So he's been like, low-key for three years and y'all b*****s ain't about to run him back in." 

Like, I know Rob and Chyna might just be one big publicity stunt, but am I the only one kinda rooting for them?


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