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Rob And Blac Chyna's Baby Girl Already Has Selfies Online

She is a Kardashian.

Thank goodness this baby is starting to look like something. Once Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian announced they were having a baby girl it was only a matter of time before we got some pics. This baby is going to have every moment of its life carefully recorded and broadcast, so let’s get in the womb and take a look.

Blac Chyna posted her sonogram to Instagram, which makes me think we should have an app called Sonogram just for baby pics. It took me a minute to actually see a baby in that swirl, but her sweet little face is there:


Meanwhile the producers have fabricated some drama for the couple’s reality show, as producers frequently do.

A teaser for the show seems to imply that Blac Chyna is going for a paternity test, and that she was sleeping with other dudes besides Rob. Drama! Unfortunately for the ratings, TMZ is reporting that there’s actually no way it could be anyone else and that she and Rob planned their baby from the beginning. She did apparently once say it might be someone else’s to piss him off during a fight, which does not sound healthy, but he’s definitely the daddy.

What intrigue and selfies this baby girl is bringing into the world.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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