Blac Chyna's Booty Enhancing Spray Has Not Been Well Received

What to do with a booty snafu?

By Eric Shorey

Every body is beautiful, but ain't nothing wrong with some un-natural enhancements neither. This is the obvious philosophy behind Blac Chyna's Booty Pop spray, a topical cosmetic that supposedly plumps up ya buns. Unfortunately, reviews of the new product are in and they're not looking good.

Created by Apex Vitality, the Booty Pop spray and My Booty Kit product lines are getting bashed by the Better Business Bureau, with the former receiving a C rating according to TMZ.  Numerous sites are calling the whole thing a scam. The products are described as "designed for girls on the go who want all of the benefits of spending hours at the squat rack. In as little as 20 minutes a day you’ll get noticeably pumped up glutes, reduced cellulite in problem areas, and a beautiful, rounder shape to your behind."

Chyna jumped into an endorsement deal with Apex Vitality, but she may be backing out soon considering how negative customers have been. TMZ notes that Chyna tweeted her support for the spray but quickly deleted it. 

Both Apex Vitality and Chyna have refused to respond to questions about the Booty Snafu (which, by the way, would be a great title for a single if Chyna ever tries to get into music).

[Photo: Getty Images]

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