Blac Chyna's Ex Pilot Jones Calls Her A "Master Manipulator"

It's safe to say that he isn't #TeamChyna.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Pilot Jones has some strong words when it comes to Blac Chyna. The reality star's ex — the one Rob Kardashian threatened, not the one in the robe — is speaking out about his former relationship with Chyna and even revealed how they first met.

"We actually met at a party that I was hosting, so we got really close around the end of 2015 for sure," he said during a new interview with Us Weekly. "We didn't have to put a title on anything. We both kind of knew how we felt about each other."

Even though Chyna began getting serious with Rob soon after they met, Jones said that they remained friends.

"Most of our relationship at that point was pretty much business. We were really, really great friends," he explained. "I just don't like some of the decisions she's made as of recent, but other than that she's a great person."

Things went left after a leaked photo of the two kissing went viral; Chyna began blasting her former friend on social media, accusing him of using her for money and outing him as bisexual. Rob jumped into the fray as well, threatening Pilot via numerous text messages, which later prompted a criminal investigation

"She's not a little bit of a bully, she clearly did bully me — there's no 'little bit' to it," Jones told Us. "The fact is that she tried to intimidate me via social media, and I don't think that that is OK, and I don't think that that's right. At the end of the day, all of us in this situation are parents and look at the example that we are teaching."

"These platforms are being used to really harass people. I was outed on social media," he added.

Jones has been vocal about the financial disagreement he and Chyna got into last year. Chyna accused him of extortion, but Jones insists that that isn't what went down; he says that he played a key role in Chyna scoring a huge business deal, but he was never compensated for his part.

"I think that this was just another you know, another mastermind manipulation that she does," he said. "She's a master manipulator."

Pilot opened up about the experience and how it lead him to consider suicide in a video that started making the rounds on social media earlier this month. Check it out below.

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