Blac Chyna's Ex Pilot Jones Says That Her Bullying Nearly Drove Him To Suicide

He's calling out his ex for being a "hypocrite."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Thanks to Rob Kardashian's Instagram tirade, Blac Chyna's love life has been dominating headlines lately. Last week, Rob accused Chyna of cheating on him with multiple men, and one of those men, Ferrari, even seemed to take Rob's side in the whole situation. Now another of Chyna's exes, Pilot Jones, has come forward to offer his two cents on the current feud, and it's clear that he isn't exactly #TeamChyna.

In case you forgot, back in 2016, rumors started circulating that the then-pregnant Chyna was cheating on Rob with Pilot after photos of Chy and Pilot kissing were leaked online. Things quickly erupted on social media, with Chyna blasting Pilot on IG; she claimed that he was gay and that he was trying to use her for fame and money, and even posted his personal info. Rob jumped in too, which later led to a criminal investigation after Rob sent Pilot texts threatening to physically harm him.

Yeah, it was a whole thing, and in a new video posted by TMZ, Pilot says that he finds all the current drama with Chyna and Rob to be "ironic."

"I just find it very ironic and hypocritical that this mastermind that I call Blac Chyna is doing the exact same thing, or accusing Rob of doing the exact same thing that she did to me just a few months ago," Pilot said.

Thing got so bad for Jones that it reportedly led him to try and take his own life.

"I went into a very, very deep depression, I moved away from LA for fear of my safety," he continued. "I even attempted to commit suicide."

"If you can imagine having over 200 calls in less than sixty seconds with 'Hey you f*ggot,' 'You're an extortionist,' all of these defaming things that people were saying. That was the bulk of the issue," he said later. "Also, just outing me on social media. I had never publicly addressed my sexuality, or my bisexuality, which I felt like was something that drew both of us together. I wasn't the first bisexual guy that she dated and I'm sure I won't be the last, but I was made to feel uncomfortable about who I am."

You can watch the full video below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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