Blac Chyna's Former Managers Are Trying To Shut Down Her Reality Show

They may get a harassment suit of their own.

By Aimée Lutkin

Blac Chyna allegedly owes Jason Alston and Lincoln Hayes of Infinite Grind Multimedia $3 million dollars. Who are these guys? Well, they claim they signed Chyna to a 10-year contract in 2007, when she was working as a stripper. They claim they got her on the covers of Black Men and Straight Stuntin which led to her other roles in music videos. Also, the deal supposedly entitled them to half of Chyna’s earning. That sounds like a terrible deal, but she hasn’t been making good on it anyway. Chyna has been sealing deals without them and doing her own thing. Like a reality show.

Alston and Hayes are now targeting that very show, Rob & Chyna, according to TMZ. They've sent letters to NBCUniversal, Ryan Seacrest Productions, and Bunim/Murray Productions, threatening them with a lawsuit for their lack of compensation from a production that supposedly features their talent.

As TMZ points out, the people employing Chyna are under no obligation to pay her managers, but maybe they’re just hoping to pester her to death on every front until they get their cash. Rob & Chyna definitely seems like a hassle to produce already, what with all the breakups and drama...wait, that’s actually what makes it good. Let’s see if Chyna can spin this managerial harassment into a Season 2 plot point.

[Photo: Getty]

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