Blac Chyna's Mom Deleted Her Insta After Her Followers Didn't Donate Enough Cash

Only 35 people donated at all.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

What is it with people dramatically swearing off social media these days? Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, made a dramatic exit from Instagram over the weekend, but not before giving her thousands of followers a piece of her mind.

Shortly before the birth of her granddaughter Dream, Toni decided to host a food drive and talent showcase, with all proceeds going to charity. Sounds honorable enough, but for some reason her followers weren't feeling it; out of 84,000 followers, only 35 people donated.

BET theorized that Toni's recent financial troubles led many to suspect that any donated money would only end up in her own pockets, but whatever the case, the low turnout was so insulting that it was enough to inspire her to delete her Instagram — but not before giving one last middle finger to her followers.

"Good morning everybody, this is Toyko Toni," she began in a final video update. "What I decided to do was delete this Instagram page. Yeah. F**k 84,000 people."

"84 thousand people, and only 35 people donated," she continued. "What the f**k are you on my page for? Get the f**k off my page. You're just a nosy b***h that don't give a f**k about nobody but yourself. You could not give one brown penny but yet your groupie a** is on my f**king page. I guess to get rid of all you sons of b****es early, I'll just delete this page and get another one. I don't give a f**k about fame or none of that s**t."

Her Instagram is currently disabled, but you can watch Toni's final farewell below.


[Photo: Twitter]

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