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Blac Chyna's Mother Says She Only Has $33 To Her Name

But she's not going to hell!

If you thought Blac Chyna had a weird relationship with Rob Kardashian and his family, than you haven’t heard about her relationship with her mom. Shalana "Tokyo Toni" Hunter posts frequent and confusing messages on social media that make it seem like she’s throwing shade at her own daughter.

Most recent is this Instagram post in which she claims to have only $33 to her name—but she’s happy about it, thanks! She adds, “You can be rich as a motherf*cker and on your way to hell. Trust me. You can't take nothing with you to heaven or hell... The poor will never be poor because they're rich at heart, like me. I'm broke as a motherf*cker.”


Hmm, who does she know that’s super rich and can buy a Rolls Royce, maybe?

Tokyo seems to have a hot and cold relationship with her daughter and with money. She frequently posts about how little cash she has, suggests she might be homeless, and tries to encourage people to give their cash away. It may be that Blac Chyna is supporting her in some respect, but she gives it away? Or maybe she just can’t deal with her mom’s issues - whatever they are - and avoids her. Tokyo did appear briefly on Rob & Chyna in September:

Blac Chyna does say in that clip that her mom is known for “not giving two [bleeps].”

Family is complicated, times a thousand if you’re on reality TV.

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