Blac Chyna's New Photoshoot Emphasizes Her Very Impressive Assets

Is this even better than nudes?

By Aimée Lutkin

Blac Chyna’s Instagram hasn’t revealed anything new about Rob Kardashian in a while. That may be becauseChyna is hanging out with another guy, no engagement ring in sight. It could also be to make space for more pics showing off what an incredible post-baby body she’s got.

Blac Chyna has been posting about her weight loss ad nauseam since the birth of lil’Dream. She’s also been showing off how great she looks with lots of different photo shoots, including one that really bites off the style of her almost sister-in-law, Kim Kardashian.

This new series focuses on another aspect of Blac Chyna that she is always in competition with Kim over: the butt.


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As known, Blac Chyna has a very sexy butt. Kim has been accused of augmenting and deflating her butt in the past, but we should really just let everyone enjoy their butts in whatever way they want without judgement. At the end of the day, these ladies just want to share photos like these:


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And that’s fine with me!

[Photo: Getty]

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