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Blac Chyna's Reasoning For Getting Weekly Manicures Is Relatable AF

When it comes to looking good, it's all about the details.

Blac Chyna may be known for her glamorous hairstyles and enviable curves, but there's one part of her meticulously put together image that she never overlooks: her nails.

During a recent chat with Elle mag, Chyna dished about her beauty routine and why she finds it so important to make sure her nails look good. In fact, Chyna is so devoted to always having dope nails that she gets them done on a weekly basis.

"When that one nail is broken, it ain't right," she explained. "Your makeup and hair can be on point, but when you have a broken nail, it's just all bad. It can really dictate your whole mood."

"I'm really big on nails and feet," she continued. "I have one girl that I go to, her name is Teana. She's the only person I go to. She uses forms and I've been into all the jewels and the glitter and I'm into this coffin shape right now which is really dope. I definitely get sick of the design really fast so I go once a week for sure. My nails grow really fast so I don't like to see the space."

Chyna's dedication to maintaining flawless nails is clearly paying off. Check out some of her most swoon-worthy manicures below.

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