Black Female Students Attacked With Bananas At American University

We're confused about the university's response tho...

Black students are speaking out against horrible attacks at American University. Several incidents of racial hate have been reported on campus, including a banana being thrown at a black female student.

According to The Washington Post, the female student says the banana was thrown at her through her dorm room door earlier this month. The college is reportedly investigating two white male freshmen in connection to the occurrence. Other black students have reported racial tensions on the Washington D.C. campus: another black student at the same dorm found a rotten banana outside her door as well as an obscene drawing on her door. “I wouldn’t let people drive me out, but it’s kind of sad that this kind of thing still happens,” said Neah Gray, the student. 

“It’s completely unacceptable that this happened,” said Torriente, an American University student who is black. “I think it does fit into a larger pattern of students of color, specifically black students, feeling unsafe and excluded from the campus community.”

The university released a statement on Friday saying that it's investigating these incidents. One one hand, it affirms that, “We understand that members of our community feel hurt by an incident that happened in a residence hall and separate allegations of racially biased behavior." Still, school administrators seem hesitant to call the incidents out as being racially-motivated. "Regarding the known facts, on September 8, an incident that was not characterized as bias related occurred in a residence hall and was reported to Residence Life staff."

Do you think American University doing enough to protect black students? 

[Photo: American University]


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