Black People Viewed As More "Attractive" If They Say They're Multiracial, Says Study

Damn, America. Back at it again with the systematic racism.

By Jazzi Johnson

In yet another confirmed instance of rampant socialized racism, a new study proves that black people are found more attractive by simply saying they're multiracial. 

That's right— participants didn't even have to look the part.

The research was conducted by Robert L. Reece, a doctoral candidate in sociology, according to Vox. All 3,200 particpants self-identified as black, and were asked specific questions by people of all different races. After they answered the questions, including ones about their racial background and heritage, the interviewers ranked their attractiveness on a scale of one to five. All of the participants who said they were multiracial got higher scores.

The higher =0ranked persons who claimed to be multiracial didn't even have to look the part. Men and women with darker skin complexions who identified as mixed-race still scored higher than light skin persons with light eyes who identified only as black. "He controlled for age, gender, eye color, and hair color, too, confirming that it truly was the simple claim of multiracial heritage that made a difference," Vox found.

Reece summed up the bias rather simply: “Race is more than we think it is. It’s more than physical characteristics and ancestry and social class. The idea that you’re a certain race shapes how people view you.”

In another study, researchers found that employers guessed subjects' race based on their name, and it became a good indicator whether or not the subjects would get a call back for a job. Another study determined that your appearance is a good indicator of whether or not you'll even succeed on that job.

America just keeps America-ing.

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