Blasphemy in the #Beyhive: 6 Reasons Solange Is Cooler Than Beyonce

Sorry, #Beyhive.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

I just want to start off by saying that it isn't a competition. Beyonce and Solange do their own separate things and they're both fantastic at what they do. Bey is one of the best-selling artists of all time (more than 118 million records sold, in case you're wondering) while Solange is more of a songwriter who tends to go over better with critics than she does with the mainstream. This may not be a popular opinion (and I may need to go into hiding from the #beyhive), but here are 6 reasons Solange is my favorite Knowles.

1. That Hair

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Solange is almost always rocking the natural hair look - the more big and dramatic, the better. It's awesome to see a black woman in the spotlight who isn't afraid to show off her natural texture. (And ok, maybe some of the bigger hair she's rocked are weaves, for all we know, but my point still stands.)

2. Her Confidence

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It can't be easy being the sister of one of the biggest pop star's in the entire world. Still, Solange has never shied away from being herself and expressing who she is, and such a strong sense of self is totally admirable.

3. Her Style

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Solange is pretty much the epitome of a #carefreeblackgirl. She always seems to have so much fun with her fashion choices, and she isn't afraid to experiment. She's fearless, and her fans love her for it.

4. Her Envy-Inducing Wedding

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The all-white-everything event pretty much broke Twitter when the pics came out, and for good reason - it looked fabulous, and Solange looked amazing. Plus, how much do you love that she rode a bike to her wedding?

5. Her Creativity

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Solange posts her dope photography on her Instagram account, and has her hand in all kinds of creative projects, like her "Word to the Woman" collaboration with PUMA, which honors innovative women.

6. Her Stage Presence

When Solange gets on stage, it's like performance art. Slaaaayyy.

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