Blogger Encourages Women To Share Their 'Hoe Stories' And Men Lose Their Minds

"What a man can do, a woman can do better."

By Jazzi Johnson

Dami Olonisakin-- simply known as Oloni online-- is an award-winning sex & relationships blogger from London. Earlier this week, she lit up Twitter when she asked “ladies only” to share their “hoe stories." Readers sent replies anonymously over DMs. She screencapped the replies sans their names, shared them to her followers, and quickly drew in a large crowd of intrigued (*cough* devastated) men and supportive women. The opposite reactions from men and women were amazing.

First, she sent out this delicious call-to-action.

Then, things got interesting.


Then, it really started heating up.


And, of course, men couldn’t take it. (Can you believe women enjoy the pleasure of sex, too! Who knew?)


Oloni’s final retweet was the perfect end to it all.

Plus, this necessary disclaimer:

Sorry if we ruined the small, warped, basic bias ideal you have of how women should express their sexuality, fellas. Better luck next lifetime?

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