B.o.B.: 'If Your Woman Knows About The Other Women, It's Not Cheating'

Do you agree with B.o.B.'s stance on relationships?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

At least B.o.B. keeps it one hundred? The "Airplanes" rapper recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on relationships, monogamy and honesty. According to B.o.B., cheating "doesn't count" if the woman you're in a relationship knows that it's going on. Say what now? Peep the tweets below for yourself.

When a fan replied "So that's a 'no' to monogamy?" B.o.B. had this to say:

While it almost sounds like he's describing an open relationship, knowing something is going on and being ok with something going on are two very different things, but B.o.B. doesn't seem too pressed about the difference. Maybe that's why things didn't work out between him and Sevyn Streeter.

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