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Bobby Shmurda Claims He Was Framed By Cops Because He's Black

Shmurda claims his skin color made him a target for police.

The long legal struggles faced by young artist Bobby Shmurda have taken a turn for the dramatic as the rapper comes forward with new claims that he was framed by police. Shmurda suggests that because of the inherently anti-police sentiments in his music (and, also, because he is black) he was made a target by law enforcement.

Although a verbatim testimony from the court doesn't exist, TMZ's sources suggest that Shmurda had been harassed by the same cops who eventually made his arrest since 2014 on a felony gun charge. Bobby is accusing the officers who arrested him in 2014 of repeatedly hassling him and his peers. Allegedly, the cops spotted him in a Brownsville, Brooklyn apartment showing off a gun. Shmurda accused the cops of planting a gun on him, pointing to the fact that the only witnesses in the case are the cops themselves. His legal team is also calling attention to an unrelated case, in which one of the three cops swore she saw a drug exchange taking place, only to later admit that admission was false.

To further drive home the point, Team Shmurda is requesting the discplinary records of all the police involved in the investigation to prove their history of misconduct.

As has been apparent from the beginning of the case, the judge presiding over the ordeal was not interested in hearing from the rising star. He went on to deny the request. Bobby's attorney, Alex Spiro, has refused to comment on the situation.

Here's TMZ's coverage of the new twist in the case:

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