Body Shamed Meteorologist Fires Back With Epic Instagram Letter

After a viewer wrote in to complain about her "underarm fat," Molly Mattot let 'em know what's what.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

No, you haven't heard this one before; we all saw the headlines about Liberte Chan, the meteorologist who, in the middle of trying to deliver the weather forecast, was thrown a cardigan and asked to cover up her arms.

Now, another female meteorologist is firing back at body shamers, Cosmopolitan reports. Syracuse, N.Y. meteorologist Molly Mattot received some pretty harsh criticism about her body and outfit choice. One commenter said that Mattot, in a fuchsia dress and statement necklace, looked like she came directly to work after a night out on the town.

"Good grief, have a little decorum and be more understated and conservative in your attire," they wrote. "There are so many things going on here and none of them are good. The range is from underarm boob fat, garish jewelry, clashes in color, AND makeup... I just turned on my television set and was shaken to the core (almost) at the sight of all of that going on this early on a Saturday morning!"

Shaken to the core? Points for drama, at least. 

Well, Mattot wasn't about to let that stand, and responded to the criticism via email, before blasting the dude for all to see on Instagram.

"My job is to give the best and most accurate forecast in an understandable manner," she wrote. "I'm sorry you chose to focus on my appearance and 'underarm boob fat' instead. Perhaps next time you wish to pen such an unnecessarily nasty email to a television professional, you too remember that less is more." Mattot's Instagram has since been made private, but you can see a bit of her response below.

"I was feeling WAY TOO GOOD about myself today to NOT reply to this nasty email," she wrote in the caption. "If anyone else has any comments on my 'underarm boob fat,' I'll take them now."

The hater then wrote Mattot back, claiming that they couldn't understand why Mattot was responding like that to their "constructive criticism."

Mattot's final response? "Girl bye."

Go Molly! Where's the praise hands emoji when you need it?

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