Bomb Your Friends (and Enemies) With Justin Bieber Lyrics Anonymously

"Where are you now that I need you?"

“Where are you now that I need you?” “What do you mean? When you nod your head yes. But you wanna say, no?” The lyrics of Justin Bieber range from fun and flirty to heart-wrenching and emo.

Too scared to say what you mean? Let Bieber do the talking for you. With Bieber Bomb, you can now text your ex (or your next) with anonymous lyrics from the pop star. 

For just $1, the service will send lyrics to a U.S. phone number from an anonymous line. Here’s how it works: Enter your friend’s phone number, then the service will send them 10 texts of Bieber lyrics over a 24-hour period.

There are three packages: The standard Bieber Bomb plus the Sneak Attack (which allows you to see their responses to the texts) and the creeper special: Viral Attack. With the Viral Attack, you can hit up to three friends or enemies.

So what’s the outcome of sending your crush strange Bieber lyrics all day? Your crush may be confused and annoyed or delighted to receive these awesome sentiments and immediately profess their love for you. It’s totally worth it.

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