Both 'Matrix' Director Siblings Come Out As Transgender

The Wachowskis are an inspiration to the trans community.

By Eric Shorey

Critically acclaimed filmmakers The Wachowskis (formerly known as The Wachowski Brothers; best known for directing The Matrix trilogy and the Netflix original series Sense8), are sharing their deeply personal journey through gender identity. A few years ago, one of the two siblings came out as transgender--now it seems they both identify as women.

Alongside her coming out, Lilly Wachowski, sister to Lana Wachowski, has issued a scathing statement against the tabloids which she already anticipates will meet her identity with nasty commentary and transphobia. Lilly comments on being acutely aware of the constant danger of being outed before she was ready. Specifically targeted was The Daily Mail, which nastily focuses on transgender women as objects of ridicule, according to Lilly.

“It was the ‘news’ organization that had played a huge part in the national public outing of Lucy Meadows, an elementary school teacher and trans woman in the UK,” she wrote. “And now here they were, at my front door, almost as if to say — ‘There’s another one! Let’s drag ’em out in the open so we can all have a look!'”

“So yeah, I’m transgender,” she went on. “And yeah, I’ve transitioned.”

You can also watch Lana Wachowski's moving speech at the HRC awards from 2012, below:

The Daily Mail denies their overeagerness in reporting the story: "we were not the first media organization to approach her and we made absolutely clear at several points in the conversation that we were only interested in reporting the story if and when she was happy for us to do so and with her cooperation,” said a spokesperson. “Our reporter was extremely sympathetic and courteous at all times, as is obvious from our transcript of the exchange.”

Lilly Wachowski's full statement can be read over on Variety.

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