Bow Wow Explains Why He Believes Keyshia Cole Egged His Friend's Car

Surprisingly, he also had some sweet things to say.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Just in case you aren't up-to-date on Bow Wow's relationship history, he and singer Keyshia Cole dated for a hot minute earlier this year. Things eventually went sour between them, though - so sour that he believes Keyshia egged his friend's Rolls Royce that was parked in front of his house, thinking it was actually his.

In an interview with Vlad TV, the rapper detailed the incident.

"It was just weird," he began. "I think I [told] my people downstairs to let someone in. They came back up and said, 'I need to speak to you. The Rolls Royce is like f**ked. It's like totaled. It's caked, there's flour, the mirror is broke.'"

Even though Bow Wow still isn't 100% sure Keyshia was behind it, she was immediately Suspect #1 in his eyes because the two were having problems at the time.

"We had went through some s*it," he explained. "And for that to happen at that time, how it happened, [she's] the first person I thought about."

But despite the drama, would he be willing to give them another chance? It seems like it. Bow Wow went on to gush about his ex, calling her one of the sweetest people he's ever been with.

"She can always come back," he said. "That's the one person [I] was cool with for a certain amount of time - if you want to consider her an ex or whatever. I don't even know if we'd even consider each other that because it happened so fast. We've always known each other, and it's always been respect. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Keyshia Cole."

Catch more of the interview below.



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