Bow Wow Kicked A Woman Out Of His Hotel Room Because She Refused To Be On Camera


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

After capturing social media's attention with the #BowWowChallenge, Bow Wow has found himself making headlines yet again. This time, it's one of his recent Instagram Live sessions that's got people talking.

BET reports that the rapper recently went live on Instagram while hanging out with his crew and a bunch of women in his Las Vegas hotel room. It's the usual scene at first, but things start to get a little dicey when one of the women doesn't want to show her face on camera. Bow Wow seems to get more and more agitated as the video progresses.

"B*tch been grabbing on my d*ck all day," he says at one point. "I'm a real n*gga, man. I don't give a f*ck. I been doing this since I was 15. B*tch, don't act stupid because we on this camera now. You been putting n*ggas on your Snapchat all day."

It gets to the point that Bow Wow eventually kicks the woman out of the room, walking her to the door and escorting her out.

"F*ck outta here, bum a** b*tch," he says after she leaves. "My n*gga, she been drinking all day. She been acting stupid all day. She's mad because other chicks been feeling on me and she wanted me to choose her."

Take a look at the footage below. The argument starts around seven minutes in.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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