Boyfriends Are Getting Back At Their Girlfriends With #TakeHerHoodie

Payback is hilarious.

The weather is getting colder and hoodies are disappearing. You know how it goes: You borrow your boyfriend's hoodie. It's so comfy and soft. Plus, it looks really good on you. Somehow, his hoodie makes it into your wardrobe. You say that you'll give it back but you know (and he knows) that it'll never happen. Even if the relationship ends, you're taking this hostage hoodie with you. 

Well, these poor guys have had enough. They've united to take a stand against girls who borrow, take, and outright steal their hoodies with #TakeHerHoodie.


According to Cosmo21-year-old Texas college student Godswill Muofhe, started the hashtag so that hoodie victims could come together. Now, boyfriends are stealing their girlfriends’ hoodies and posting photos in them—it's a very snug fit—with the hashtag #TakeHerHoodie. 

Payback never looked so hilarious.

[Photo: Instagram]

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