Brandy Accused Of Throwing Shade At J.Lo With An IG Post About Mariah Carey

Shady or nah? 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Did Brandy just throw shade at Jennifer Lopez and use her beef with Mariah Carey to do it?

So here's what went down: late last week, Brandy posted a throwback photo of herself sharing a hug with Mariah Carey. BET reports that in the original photo caption, Brandy added #SheKnowsMe, which is a pretty obvious reference to Mimi's iconic "I don't know her" comment that pretty much ignited Mariah's long-standing beef with Jennifer Lopez.

It didn't take long for people on social media to interpret the hashtag as Brandy taking a dig at J.Lo, and Brandy addressed the controversy by revising the photo caption and writing, "I swear to Goodness I don't know what the fuss [is] about. I love this pic and now everyone thinks I'm throwing shade?? At who??? This is funny. Can't take this one down, I love this picture and whenever I'm throwing shade (light) it's not questionable, you know that I am!!!"

"Also, I've met her several times like the several seats that should be taken, she does know me. Not well.....but she would say hi at 7 eleven or Rite Aid," she continued.

Mariah later stopped by Brandy's IG to show some love for Brandy, writing, "I sure do!" in the comments in response to Brandy's "She knows me." Brandy later made another Instagram post about Mariah's comment, explaining that it pretty much made her day.

Brandy spoke candidly about the situation during a visit to The Talk this week, saying, "Everybody knows that Mariah always says who she does not know…but the picture proves that she knows me. I felt like [there] was nothing wrong. I posted it and then everybody thought that I was trying to throw shade at Jennifer Lopez, which I would never do because I love Jennifer Lopez. But Mariah doesn't know her."

Shady or nah? You can check out Brandy's full explanation in the video below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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