Brandy Feels Enslaved By Her Record Contract, Wants Out

"Brandy Norwood's story is 'Kesha Redux.'"

By Eric Shorey

Who knew it was so hard for a girl to get out of a record contract? Brandy is the latest star to come forward with some serious complaints about the continuing negotiations with her label. She went as far as calling her obligations "slavery."

Signed to Chameleon Records since 2011, Brandy claims she was promised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help produce her albums, but the money never came through. She also claims that the company has purposefully prevented her from recording and releasing new material.

Sound familiar? Even Brandy's lawyer is comparing the struggle to another star:Β Β "Brandy Norwood's story is 'Kesha Redux, but without the sex," he said. Well it was allegedly rape, not sex, but I understand the comparison.

According to TMZ, Brandy filed a suit in L.A. in march but is now filing one in New York.

Let's hope Brandy has better legal luck than Kesha. We're certainly ready for "The Boy Is Mine Part III."


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