Brazilian Women Are Competing For Best Butt During The Olympics

Meet the Brazilian women competing for the bootylicious title of Miss BumBum.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

There are a lot of strange Olympic sports, from steeplechase to fast walking, but this one takes the cakes— literally. More than 100 competitors in Rio are showing off their backsides for the coveted title of Miss BumBum.

According to the Mirrortraffic in Brazil came to a stop as women from around the country paraded their butts around in bikinis for the title.  Judges (who gets to have that job?) eliminated all but 15 women, who will go on to compete in the annual competition in November.

The guy behind Miss BumBum, journalist Cacau Oliver, says he invented the event to showcase the natural beauty of Brazil. "I think that is why Brazilian women look after their bodies, to show they are beautiful, they are complete with a postcard bum, so this competition is to show the strength of Brazilian women for those abroad."

Contestants have to prove that they have had no plastic surgery. The newspaper notes that some Brazilian women are so serious about their butts that they even take out insurance policies on them.

Yay feminism!

[Photo: Twitter] 


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